What We Do...

Our goal is to provide you with a web interface that allows anyone and everyone to link up with each other, share projects and ideas, collaborate, and much, much more! InterLinked strives to ensure that everyone has a safe, productive time on our site, and that everyone leaves feeling better than when they visited.

What is InterLinked?

InterLinked is a new social media oppurtunity available for all to tryout! We're hoping to bring to the table something that has never been seen before... and of all things seen and unforseen... this one is sure to amaze all! InterLinked is the social media network of the future... try it out today for free!

Our Interface

Our goal is to provide users with a nice, easy-to-use, simple interface. No clutter, no unnessecary text, just what you want... and nothing you don't. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the user interface of InterLinked, you can contact InterLinked Management at any time!

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